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While you are here........
Compliance with the law, in industry and commerce, in most cases, requires knowledge of the relevant standards, regulations, maps or charts. Some, such as the Building Regulations are already free to view, but the Standards and codes of practice mentioned therein are not.
The disproportionate advantage given to standards providers to profit from data, often created with the support of public funds, is not reflected in the services provided.
For the majority of practitioners, in small enterprises, it is not practicable to refer to all the current data they should, because of the cost.
This is bad for industry, risks criminalizing the wealth creators and is bad for our country's competitiveness.
Thank you for your interest, however the petition is now closed:
The number of signatures was disappointing so we intend to re initiate a new attempt at getting the issue heard later in the year.
The text of the petition is as follows.